Shiromi is a small village surrounded by mountains up to 1,000 meters above sea level. We have been growing yuzu for 50 years. We wanted to bring the original unadulterated taste and aroma of yuzu to the world, just as it should be enjoyed. With this in mind, we started organic farming

Global Exports

In 1998 we exported our products for the first time. Our original export market was to the U.S. By 2021 we had expanded our exports to 15 countries around the world. We will continue to promote our yuzu products to the world and aim to export them to markets all over it.


・Yuzu syrup・Yuzu pepper

・Yuzu peel・Processed yuzu peel

【United States】 

・Yuzu juice・Yuzu pepper・Yuzu paste


・Yuzu pepper


・Yuzu pepper・Yuzu peel・Yuzu syrup


・Yuzu pepper・Yuzu peel


・Yuzu pepper

【Hong Kong】

・Yuzu peel・Yuzu pepper

・Yuzu syrup・Yuzu juice


・Yuzu juice・Yuzu pepper


・Yuzu pepper・Yuzu juice・Yuzu syrup


・Dried Yuzu Peel


・Yuzu pepper


・Yuzu peel


・Yuzu juice

【United Kingdom】

・Yuzu pepper・Processed yuzu peel


・Yuzu juice

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Kagura No Sato was one of the first primary producers in Japan to adopt an intergrated business model. We produce, process, and sell our own agricultural products made from yuzu and chili peppers that are grown on our farm.
We have expanded our production to include organic cultivation. We believe in our products and are proud to promote our processed yuzu products at home and abroad.

Manufacturing With Care

We take food safety very seriously. In our processing center we use traditional and modern innovative methods to produce quality products for our customers to enjoy. The products we make have been made with care by our skilled workers.

JAS Organic Certified
    Natural farming without pesticides

Kagura-No-Sato’s yuzu are produced by taking advantage of our geographical location. No chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or genetically modified technology are used.
After carefully growing and harvesting the yuzu and chili peppers, they are processed under thorough hygiene controls to ensure that the taste remains unchanged.