Organic Yuzu

JONA organic certification was obtained in January 2020.

Shiromi is a small village surrounded by mountains up to 1,000 meters above sea level. We have been growing yuzu for 50 years.
We wanted to bring the original unadulterated taste and aroma of yuzu to the world, just as it should be enjoyed. With this in mind, we started organic farming.

Yuzu is one of the most fragrant citrus fruits. Yuzu is popular in Japan for its refreshing aroma and sour taste, which makes it an excellent complement to food.
It is rich in vitamin C, beta-carotene, and hesperidin, which have strong antioxidant properties, and has various health benefits such as preventing illness and aging, relieving fatigue, and improving blood flow.
The fragrant components, limonene and vinene, are said to have an excellent relaxing effect.

Our yuzu are fragrant and rich in flavor, thanks to the blessings of nature’s bounty of moderate sunshine, abundant water, and sheer rocky mountains.

What is JAS Organic?

An organic processed food is one that is made from at least 95% organic agricultural products and is manufactured without the use of chemicals or non-organic ingredients.
Only products that have been inspected and certified by a registered certification body approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries can display the JAS organic mark.

Green Yuzu Kosho

Ingredients:Organic yuzu, organic green pepper, salt

Made with fresh green yuzu peel and green chili peppers.
Add a touch of Green Yuzu Pepper to your favorite foods to spice them up

Red Yuzu Kosho

Ingredients:Organic yuzu, organic red pepper, salt

The bright yellow yuzu peel and red chili peppers are used to add a spicy red accent to meals.

Marugoto Yuzu Shibori

Ingredients:organic yuzu

The yuzu are harvested when they are at their juiciest and the whole fruit is then squeezed for its juice.

Yuzu Peel

Ingredients:Organic yuzu (peel and juice), sugar (beet)

Cut yuzu peel is soaked in a syrup full of yuzu juice.

Yuzu Amanatto

Ingredients:Organic yuzu (peel and juice), sugar (beet)

The sourness of yuzu peel and the sweetness of sugar make this a great treat.

Yuzu Cha

Ingredients:Organic yuzu (peel and juice), sugar (beet), honey

Thinly sliced yuzu peel is mixed with yuzu juice, beet sugar, and honey to make a refreshing product that can be mixed with hot water to make a caffine free drink , enjoyed as a topping on yogurt or used as an ingredient to make sweets.

Yuzu Hacci

Ingredients:Organic yuzu, refined honey (manufactured in Japan)

A blend of yuzu juice and honey make for a refreshing drink with the aroma of yuzu.