We want to deliver products that have the natural aroma of yuzu.
With this in mind, we carefully manufacture our products one by one in our own factory.
We would like to introduce you to our products, which are made with yuzu grown from our own orchard.

Product Features

Yuzu juice

The yuzu grown in the mountains around Shiromi have a strong aroma, a higher acidity and sugar content than yuzu grown at lower altitude on the plains. Fruit with these characteristics will have a flatter shape on top.

Our organic yuzu fruit are picked and the fruit is pressed at the ideal time for the best results.

The whole skin is pressed and the juice is packed with a refreshing aroma, strong acidity and a hint of sweetness.

It is also rich in vitamins and the citric acid is said to be effective in relieving fatigue.

Reference:Miyazaki Prefecture Food R&D Center

Yuzu pepper

The organic yuzu grown in our orchard are peeled one by one by hand and cut into chunks.

This allows us to process the yuzu without destroying the yuzu-none (an odorant found only in yuzu), limonene, and other aromatic ingredients contained in the skin.

In order to preserve the original aroma and taste of the yuzu, we have been careful to reduce the amount of salt used, as well as the amount of chili pepper in this product. This results in it having a very desirable scent.

It is characterized by its strong sourness and grainy texture.

A taste sensor survey of the main ingredients showed that Kagura no Sato’s Yuzu Pepper (Kosho) is more acidic and less salty than other producers’ products.

This is because we grow our own ingredients and have developed expertise in yuzu pepper production.
This makes our yuzu pepper unique.

Yuzu sweetness

The peel of organic yuzu grown in our orchard is cut in a unique way so it is thick and fragrant. This helps to preserve the natural desirable characteristics of the yuzu peel.