Basic Concept

In order to provide consumers with the best products that are safe, secure, and inexpensive, we have taken an integrated approach to our business.

We grow, process and sell our own products.

We aim to be an integrated company that contributes to the culture and economy of our region.

Agricultural Production Corporation
Kagura -No-Sato Co.,Ltd.

Established in January 1978

Established Kagura-no-Sato Foodstuff Co.

Established on July 2, 2012

Established agricultural production corporation Kagura-no-Sato Co.

Capital: 3 million yen

Representative Director: Shuji Hamasuna

Number of employees: 40 (including part-time employees)

Telephone number: +81-983-46-2121

Fax: +81-983-46-2361

Address: 490 Oaza Shiromi, Saito City, Miyazaki Prefecture, 881-1232, Japan

Corporate History

1973, January

Our former president formed the Yuzu Production Association to create a specialty yuzu area and became its president. He began to grow yuzu.

1977, April

Yuzu processing and research started.

1978, January

Founded Kagura-No-Sato Foods Co. The company began selling its products mainly through stores in Miyazaki Prefecture.


Our then president became the head of the Yuzu Manufactoring Association. Our primary processing facility was built.

We started selling outside of Miyazaki Prefecture through product exhibitions in 1985.


Started exporting our products to the U.S. and other countries.


Our new processing facility was built.


We reorganized and became an agricultural production corporation under the name Kagura no Sato Co.
Our current president took office.


Obtained JONA (Japan Organic and Natural Foods Association) Organic certification)

Thoughts behind the logo

The logo of Kagura-No-Sato is a “silver yuzu” inside a shimenawa rope. Shimenawa rope is used for ritual purification in Shinto religion.

We believe that we are responsible for helping to preserve the culture of our village’s Shinto rituals, Kagura (a traditional Shinto folk dance), and the shimenawa rope.
And of course Shiromi`s treasured yuzu fruit.

A Message From Our CEO

A village that will live for a thousand years.

“We are aiming for 1,000 years in business.”
“What is essential for our people and village to survive?”
“What are the things that are not affected by the time?”

We have repeatedly asked ourselves these questions to steer our company.
Our village has been facing serious depopulation issues and primary industries are an essential part of its survival. Our company plays a leading role in supporting our community by providing training and employment opportunities for them. This is not only helping Shiromi’s survival but is also giving its people a future.

Food production is indispensable for humans to survive and we have been able to take advantage of our unique location in the mountains to grow excellent yuzu and produce high quality yuzu products. In the interests of our environment and our customers’ health we have been able to start organic farming and make products that are additive free. We concern ourselves with the taste and aroma of the ingredients we use, but we also know our products must be well priced. We are strongly committed to making high-quality, low-priced products. This is why our company is committed to continually develop new products and production methods.

Kagura-No-Sato’s president was born in Shiromi, Saito City, Miyazaki Prefecture.
He has been devoted to kendo since his third year of elementary school and this training has helped install a discipline that has helped him through his life.

After graduating university, he joined JA (Japan Agriculture Cooperatives) and worked with local farmers gaining a lot of insights into their needs. After working there for 10 years he took over from his father as the president of Kagura-No-Sato. He realized the village of Shiromi’s future depended on the success of the company. To provide more employment opportunities to its people the company focused on being a comprehensive company with the goal that this will help the village to survive into the next 1000 years.


Agricultural Production Corporation

Kagura -No-Sato Co.,Ltd.

Representative Director

Shuji Hamasuna